AUDITIONs For the 2018 Season 

Auditions for Attic Chamber Theatre's 2018 summer season will be held:

Sunday March 4th  from 1-4 pm 

Monday March 5th from 6-8 pm

At All Saints Episcopal Church ,100 N. Drew Street, Appleton WI 54911

Corner of College and Drew Strets.

Scripts will be ready for perusal beginning January 2nd

Queestions? Call 920-734-7887

If you can not make the above listed audition times please call to make special arrangements.


We are looking for an African-American Actor to play Hoke in our upcoming summer production of Driving Miss Daisy

Please contact Attic Chamber Theatre President Berray Billington if you are interested or know of someone who might possibly be interested. or

you can also leave a private messsage on our Face book page


Casting Notes for our 2018 Season. 

Attic Chamber Theatre invites all to audition.

We practice color-blind casting.

Listed ages are the ages the actor must portray and not neccessarily the requried age of the actor and actress.

Laughter on the 23rd Floor by Neil Simon directed by Dee Savides


Max Prince (Star of the Max Prince show): Mid-40s to early 50s. He appears to be taller than he is because he exudes great strength. His strength comes more from his anger than from his physique. He dominates a room with his personality. You must watch him because he's like a truck you can't get out of the way of. He is quixotic, changing quickly from warm, infectious laughter to sullen anger. He is often monosyllabic, offering a word or two to convey his thoughts.

Lucas Brickman (New Writer): Mid 20’s to Mid 30’s, sincere & sensible

Milt Fields (Flamboyant): Mid 40’s, Milt is a gag man, a joke a minute wholesaler who deals in fast paced patter.

Val Slotsky (Russian head writer): Mid 40’s the senior member of the staff. An emigrant from Russia when he was twelve, he still carries his accent. He is the most politically aware of all the writers.

Brian Doyle (Irish American): Mid-30s to mid-40s. A heavy smoker, a heavy cougher and a heavy drinker. but with a biting sense of humor as caustic as his outlook on life. Irish accent requried.

Kenny Franks (Wiz kid): Mid 30’s. Boy genius and the most sophisticated of the writers

Carol Wyman (The only woman writer on the show): Mid 30’s, with a strong and quick defense system that comes with being the only female writer on the staff.

Helen (Max’s secretary): attractive, late twenties.

Ira Stone (Hypochondriac): Late 30s to early 40s. A hypochondriac who comes in late every day with a new ailment. His greatest wish in life was to have a virus named after him.

Driving Miss Daisy

Directed by Berray Billington


Daisy Werthan Daisy is a 72-year-old widow and former school teacher when the play begins in 1948 and 97-years-old when the play ends. After getting into a car accident while backing out of her garage, Daisy’s son Boolie decides she is too old to drive. He insists on hiring a driver for his independent, stubborn, and, at times, bossy but mother. She feels that a driver in her day-to-day life will cramp her style no longer allowing her to have full control of all her actions. She will lose her independence. . As the play ends, physically weak and unable to care for herself, Daisy is placed in a nursing home. Despite her old age, however, she maintains her sense of self, which is characterized by her humor and determined will – but at 97, she is softer and more vulnerable.

Hoke Colburn Hoke, who is 60 years old at the beginning of the play and 85 years old at the end, is an uneducated, unemployed, African American Christian man and a member of the working class who is hired by Boolie Werthan, Daisy’s son, to work as his mother’s driver. Hoke has previously worked as a driver and milk deliveryman. He is grateful for the job and remains respectful, patient, and tolerant of Daisy’s impertinence and prejudices. At different times throughout the play, Hoke speaks his  mind, maintains his dignity and is a self-advocate of his rights. The financial stability gained by being employed by Boolie over the 25- year period allows Hoke to gain greater self-confidence and selfrespect.

Boolie Werthan Boolie is Daisy’s son. He is 40-years-old when the play begins in 1948 and 65-years-old at the end of the play (1973). He has inherited his father’s printing company and as years progress it makes him one of the best established, leading businessmen of his community. Boolie is diligent in making sure Daisy is taken care of financially and physically but, at times, is insensitive to her feelings. Like his mother, he exercises the same determination and will, which causes him to sometimes neglect Daisy’s true desires; he falls short of fully understanding her actions. Most times, he humors his mother’s stubborn ways rather than taking the time to understand them


Bus Stop

Directed by Berray Billington

  • Grace Hoylard  (40-50) – Owner of the diner, a "grass widow". She is fortyish, and pretty in a fading, hard-bitten way. She has a passionate side to her nature, loving a good fight and the attentions of a good man.
  • Elma Duckworth (18-20) – An intelligent, but naive and impressionable high school girl. She is Grace's waitress.
  • Will Masters (40-70) – The local sheriff. Tough as nails and brusque in manner, but goodhearted and a staunch Christian, described as a "deacon of his church". A highly "moral" man in the general sense of the word.
  • Dr. Gerald Lyman (40-65) – A college philosophy professor who is articulate and charming but cannot hold a position, partially due to his resistance to any kind of authority, and partially due to his unfortunate taste for young women. He also has an obvious drinking problem.
  • Cherie (19-26) – A pretty young woman who comes from a difficult "hill folk" background, and has left her innocence far behind. She is an aspiring nightclub singer, but has little talent and has never worked in any establishment above the level of "cheap dive".
  • Bo Decker ( 25-30)– A brash young cowboy with boorish manners that hide a naivete almost as profound as Elma's. He has convinced himself that Cherie will be his bride, though Cherie wants nothing to do with him.
  • Virgil Blessing  (40-70)– An older, wiser cowboy who has become a father figure to Bo (who was orphaned at the age of ten) as well as Bo's head ranch hand.
  • Carl (40-60-) -  The bus driver, who has an ongoing "just passing through" relationship with Grace. As referenced repeatedly, this is purely sexual in nature.




Auditioners should prepare one Rodgers and Hart song bringing sheet music to the audition.  

Individual songs are available online with a choice of key.  Suggested sites are music or 

Please wear footwear that will allow for a minimal dance audition.  

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