AUDITIONs For the 2019 Season 


Auditions for Attic Chamber Theatre's 2019 production of OUR TOWN will be on Monday October 29th.

630pm - 830pm

 At All Saints Episcopal Church, 100 N. Drew Street, Appleton WI 54911

Corner of College and Drew Strets.

Audition packets will be ready for perusal at area librarys beginning October 1.

Queestions? Call 920-734-7887

If you can not make the above listed audition time please call to make special arrangements.


Auditions Notes

Attic Chamber Theatre invites all to audition.

We practice color-blind casting.

Listed ages are the ages the actor must portray and not neccessarily the requried age of the actor and actress.

Auditions will consist of readings from the script and pantomime excerises.


The part of the Stage Manager has beeen cast and will be played by Stephen Savides.

Available roles

Stage Manager - Stephen Savides

Doc Gibbs    40-60                                                                                                                                      

Julia(Hersy) Gibbs:   30-50                                                              

George Gibbs: 16-25

Rebecca Gibbs: 8-13

Charles Webb:    50-60                                                                                             

Myrtle Webb:    30-50                                                                                               

Emily Webb: 16-22

Wally Webb: 8-12



Howie Newsome:

Simon Stimson:                                                                                

Constable Warren:

Joe Stoddard:                                                                                                    

Mrs. Soames/woman  in audience:                                                          

Sam Craig/BB player/Belligerent man:

Professor Willard/Farmer McCarty:

Joe/Si Crowell/BB player:

Woman in Balcony/woman among the dead:                                      

Man among the Dead

To be notified of future auditions, please fill out the form below: 

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All rehearsal will be held at All Saints Episcopal church until January

November 2018

11/4           630p – 830p       Read thru script

11/12         630p – 830 p      Block Act l

11/15         630p – 830p       Block Act ll

11/19         630p – 830p       Block Act lll

11/26         630p – 830p       Limp thru show


12/3           630p – 830p       Work Act l

12/10         630p – 830p       Work Act ll

12/13         630p – 830p       Work Act lll

12/17         630p – 830p       Limp thru show # 2


1/3             630P – 830p       Work Act l          2x

1/4             100p – 400p       Work Act ll          2x

1/5             300p – 600p       Work Act lll         2x

1/7             630p – 900p       Run show

1/8             630p – 900p       Run show

1/9             630p – 900p       Run show

1/10           630p- 900p         hold open for possible rehearsal

Rehearsal at UW Fox Valley use Stage door to enter.

January 2019

1/13           900a – 300p        VOLUNTEERS ARRIVE set up seating, move in furniture, focus lights, tape out playing area.

 1/13         400p – 700p       Technical rehearsal (everyone)

1/14           630p – 930p       Technical rehearsal

1/15           630p – 930p       Dress rehearsal

1/16           Preview/Final Dress     6p Call  - Everyone.

                                                          7pm GO

1/17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 24                 6p – Actor/ tech call

                                                          7p – performance

1/20           Matinee                        1 p – actor /tech call

                                                          2p – performance

1/25           Closing Night                6p – Actor/tech call

                                                          7p – performance

930p – Strike everyone stays to tear down and clean up.

1/26           Cast party