Congrats to the cast of On Golden Pond! 

Thank you to all who auditioned!

Norman: Dick Furniss
Ethel: Janet Macklin
Chelsea: Christina LaVicka
Bill: David Kaufman
Billy: Alex Saulnier
Charlie: Patrick James

Announcing the Cast for The Fox on the Fairway.

Thank you for all all of those who auditioned and those who will be helping with the execution of the production. 

Bingham: ----- Michael Horowitz
Muriel: -------- Deborah Oettinger
Pamela: ------ Ann Muenster
Justin: -------- Mike Sweetack
Dickie: -------- Gary Zurbuchen
Louise: ------- Jehy Thompson

Congratulations to the cast of Meet Me in St. Louis!

Mr. Alonzo Smith, a businessman ------------------Brad Dokken 

Mrs. Anna Smith, his wife ----------------------------Tricia Adams

Rose -----------------------------------------------Rebecca Ginsberg 

Esther their daughters -------------------------------Alyssa Jansen

Agnes -------------------------------------------------- Elise Johnson

Tootie ---------------------------------------- Sanibel (Belle) Harper

Lon, their son ----------------------------------------- Bailee Harper 

Grandpa Prophater, Mrs. Smith’s father -------------Tom Stadler

Katie, the cook --------------------------------------- Dawn Welling

Mrs. Waughop, an irate neighbor ------------------ Kim Hammen

Ida Boothby, who is sweet on Lon -----------Analiese Bradshaw

John Shephard, who is sweet on Rose -------------Adam Schlack

Fred Gregory, who is sweet on Esther -------------Seth Hammen

Lucille Pentard, a “menace” from the East -- Molly Schamberger

Mr. Dodge, Mr. Smith’s boss ---------------------------Gregg Jones

Mr. Duffy, who is up to no good ----------------- Randy Shannon

Trolley Conductor ------------------------------------- Saul Roselaar

Cast list for How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying:

From Director Berray Billington:

Thank you to all who auditioned. It was a difficult desicion but casting has been completed for How to succeed in Business.

Finch...Tim Tim Marsh
J. B. Biggley...Tony Salisch
Rosemary...Jeanette Leone 
Mr. Bratt...Craig Kellenberger
Smitty...Lissa Barklow
Bud Frump...Travis Zielinski
Miss Jones...Nancy Ernst
Mr. Twimble...Tom Bloy
Hedy La Rue...Diane Richardson
Mr. Womper...Kurt Schlieter
Mr. Gatch...Stephen Herrick
Mr. Ovington.. Sophie Hough
Mr. Jenkins...Gregory Saulnier 
Mr. Tackaberry...Mike Panzer
Mr. Peterson...Patrick James 
Miss Krumholtz...Pamela Saulnier 

Executives and Secretaries:

Phillip Wyman, Andrew Schlieter, Erick Silva, Michael Stengl,
Joe Schwaller, Sam Schmalz, Sherri Denney, Lesa Lamers, Hailey Stengl, Alona Havel, Cayla Morton, Megan Dumke, Amanda Spreeman And Rebecca Ginsberg