meet the cast…

Thanks to all who auditioned.

Stage Manager                                                                  - Stephen Savides

Dr. Gibbs                                                                             - Shannon Glenn                                             

Joe Crowell                                                                         - Dawson Fish

Si Crowell                                                                            - Holden McVey

Howie Newsome                                                              - Dan Blaylock    

Mrs. Gibbs                                                                          - Allie Klinker                                     

Mrs. Webb                                                                          - Nancy Ernst

George Gibbs                                                                    - Miles Borkowicz

Rebecca Gibbs                                                                   - Emily McVey

Emily Webb                                                                        - Christina McCarty                                         

Wally Webb                                                                        - Ezra Mark Mueller                       

Professor Willard                                                              - Paul Vanden Boogard   

Mr. Webb                                                                           - Robert Ernst                                   

Simon Stinson                                                                   - Ben Mackey

Mrs. Soames                                                                      - Kimberly Mueller          

Constable Warren                                                            - Phil Gabrielson 

Sam Craig/Belligerent Man                                          - Adam Baurain                                                

Joe Stoddard                                                                      - Carl Wenzel

Lady in audience #1/woman among the dead - Leigh Marmes

Lady in audience #2                                                         - Jenise Nolte

Ballplayers                                                                          - Aidyn Reetz, Dawson Fish, Holden McVey                          

Piano                                                                                     -Justin Krueger

Choir:                                                                                    -Jenise Nolte, Leah Nolte, Donna McVey

Running Time: 2 hrs and 10 minutes with one intermission
Recommended Age: 11 and Up

A Great American Classic

Wisconsin native Thornton Wilder’s Pulitzer Prize-winning drama is one of the greatest American plays ever written. With poetic beauty and simplicity, Our Town illuminates the powerful bonds that hold communities together through everyday life and moments of crisis, as it follows the lives of the Gibbs, Webbs and their friends and neighbors. With humor, wit, and exceptionally powerful storytelling, Wilder delivers universal truths about what it means to be human and encourages us to live life to its fullest.

Directed by ACT President Berray Billington

“No American play describes more powerfully how we imagine ourselves." — New York Daily News

"While all of Wilder's work is intelligent, non-synthetic and often moving, as well as funny, it is Our Town that makes the difference. It is probably the finest play ever written by an American." - Edward Albee

"Thornton Wilder's masterpiece [...] An immortal tale of small town morality [and] [...] a classic of soft spoken theater." - The New York Times

"Beautiful and remarkable one of the sagest, warmest and most deeply human scripts to have come out of our theatre [...] A spiritual experience." - New York Post

"No play ever moved me so deeply." - Alexander Woolcott, The New Yorker

Evening performances begin at 7 pm, Matinee performances begin at 2 pm

Refreshements and snacks available prior to the show and during intermission

Performance begin promptly at the scheduled time. Late comers are seated by discretion of the house manager. Late seating is not guaranteed.