For 68 years Attic Theatre has been a crucial component of the quality of life that makes the F ox Valley such a vibrant place to work, live and play. Your investment in Attic Theatre will help ensure that our region continues to thrive. 

Since our founding in 1950, Attic Theatre has partnered with individuals and businesses who recognize the value of a strong community theater and the contributions it makes to the lifestyle of the area. 

Hundreds of volunteers contribute thousands of hours as actors, ushers, set builders, painters, costumers, running crew, educators, and board members each year. Attic works to develop and nurture local talent by providing opportunities for actors and theater technicians to build and hone their skills. 

Partners and individual donors make up the difference between ticket sales and the additional $70,000 that must be raised annually to pay for the UW-Fox Valley theater rental; set construction, costumes, and props; stipends for artistic and technical directors; and educational expenses. 

The life blood of Attic productions is sponsorship, which augments ticket sales in paying the costs of set design and building; costumes; props, and other show expenses. 

They include: 

  • Season Sponsor $10,000
  • Show Sponsor 5,000
  • Season Set Sponsor 3,000
  • Ticket Sponsor 2,000
  • Costume Sponsor 1,500
  • Set Sponsor per show 1,000
  • Season Prop Sponsor 600
  • Costume Sponsor per show 500
  • Prop Sponsor per show 200
  • Children's Day Camp Sponsor 700
  • Children's Workshop Sponsor 450


For more information on sponsorship and sponsor benefits, please contact Attic by email attictheatre@gmail.com or phone 920-734-7887. 

All sponsors are listed on the sponsor page in our season program and recognized on our website, Facebook page.


Attic Theatre was founded in 1950 in the attic of the Cloak family home on North Union Street in Appleton, Wisconsin. What began as an acting class has become the longest running community theatre company in the Fox Valley. In the early days, Attic performed in a variety of venues such as Jefferson School and local church basements. When Lawrence opened the Music-Drama Center, Attic began its lengthy partnership with the university, employing both theatres during the summer months. Our newest venue, the beautiful UW Fox Valley Communication Arts Center, affords the opportunity to produce a wider array of plays with greater audience appeal.

From simple beginnings, Attic has grown to produce hundreds of full-scale shows over a span of more than 60 years. In addition to a full summer season, Attic currently offers a popular children’s workshop in the spring and a weeklong day camp in the summer.

Each year, thousands of people participate in Attic Theatre on stage, backstage, as volunteers, and as audience members. Ticket sales exceed 5,000 annually. Attic truly does create excellent community theatre.